Aluminum explosion proof led light housing

Aluminum explosion proof led light housing

What material is good for explosion proof lampshade

Explosion proof lamp is a kind of lamp which is only used in many dangerous places. This kind of lamp is mainly made of light alloy material, which generally has the characteristics of high strength and good wear resistance. In addition, if the transparent lampshade is made of large arc high temperature resistant special tempered glass, this kind of material can expand the heat dissipation space and reduce the heat of the surrounding space, Moreover, the lamp shade surface will be sprayed to prevent it from rusting, and the overall protection level will reach IP65.

The shell of explosion-proof lampshade is usually made of ZL102 cast aluminum alloy, which is characterized by high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good electromagnetic compatibility and no interference to the surrounding environment. In addition, the utility model has the function of convenient installation, and can be reliably used outdoors and in various corrosive environments for a long time. It is small in volume and light in weight, and can be installed by ceiling type and suspender type.

Daily attention of explosion proof lampshade

Explosion proof lampshade is not often used in our life, but it is often used in some dangerous places. We need to pay special attention to these places. Let’s take you to know what you need to pay attention to.

1) If you want to install or repair, remember to disconnect the power first.

2) If you are not a professional installation personnel, then remember not to dismantle the lamp at will.

3) When using, never touch the surface lampshade with your hand.

Skills of choosing explosion proof lampshade

1) First of all, if you want to choose the explosion-proof lampshade, then you need to understand the basic working principle of explosion-proof lamp, and be familiar with the explosion-proof sign, and the explosion-proof sign is generally marked with ex.

2) Explosion proof lamps are generally used in dangerous places, so we should accurately select the explosion-proof category, type, grade and temperature group of lamps.

3) In addition, when choosing the explosion-proof lampshade, we should understand the environmental conditions and working requirements, so that we can choose reasonable lamps with explosion-proof lampshade. For example, the protection level of the shell of explosion-proof lamps used outdoors should reach IP43 or above. At present, the light source of explosion-proof lamps is mainly led light source.

4) Transparent cover: if the choice is transparent and so on, then the lampshade should be made of tempered glass, because it has the function of explosion-proof. At the same time, this lampshade can isolate the heat of the light source from the outside when the lamp is in use, so as to ensure the safety of normal lighting in dangerous places. Light sources: at present, the main light sources are led light source, electrodeless light source, metal halide light source, high pressure sodium light source Xenon lamp light source, incandescent lamp light source.

5) Shell: it is generally made of aluminum all metal die casting, including the lower shell connected with the transparent cover, the middle shell in the middle part and the upper shell connected with the upper part.

6) Lamp head parts: mainly composed of base, E27 porcelain base, mouth metal, conductive rod, screw, nut, etc., connector, screw, nut, washer, gasket, sealing ring, cylindrical pin, split pin, snap spring, bolt, rivet, etc.

Conclusion: in fact, it’s normal that we don’t understand the explosion-proof lampshade, because the possibility of using explosion-proof lamps in our home decoration is relatively small, but if we use this kind of lampshade in some relatively easy fire and explosion places, because it can be more safe and reliable.

Post time: Apr-26-2021